Credit Consolidation Services-Choosing The Right One

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Using credit consolidation services is a great way for anyone to get out of debt while still enjoying a good quality of life. Once the average consumer reaches a certain threshold of credit debt, even with a decent interest rate, it would still take them a minimum of 18 years just to get out from under this. Just so we all understand the significance of this, I am not talking about a large sum of credit debt here. This is referring to just $5,000.00 on your favorite card. Not a very comforting thought is it.

Credit Card Debt Relief-Looking For Help

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Credit card debt relief could be a necessary option if you find yourself over your head in debt with little possibility of solving the problem without some form of assistance. Even if you only owe $5,000 dollars, this is still a great option if your having difficulties meeting your required obligations.

Credit Report-Understanding Your Fico Credit Score

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Credit reports and understanding your FICO credit score is essential whether you are trying to buy a home, a new car or applying for a credit card. Lenders will want to determine the risk their taking by lending you the money. Most lenders use your FICO credit score (you have 1 score for each of the 3 major credit agencies) to determine if they are willing to lend you money, how much money and at what terms you will receive.

FICO Credit Score-What exactly is it and how do they get it

Credit Card Debt Program-The Right Way To Go

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Of course I am just generalizing since there is no way for me to know everyone’s own unique situation. However, being that I am considered a pretty good resource in this industry as well as having high valued knowledge in this field I can make those kinds of statements. As you will soon learn, I am not a big fan of credit card companies or their practices. So yes, I will always advise everyone to find a good credit card debt program and then join to eliminate credit debt of this kind as quickly as possible.

What Happens When You Can’t Pay Your Credit Card Debts?

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The following is a guest post by Stewart Smith

If you’ve been hit by the credit card bug, the one that breeds off your inability to practice wise money management, it means soon you will be left with a heap of unpaid credit card bills and warning letters from the creditors. Outstanding credit card balance is quite common nowadays. In this age of economic meltdown and post recession hangover, millions of Americans are struggling with their unpaid credit card debts. Do you have any idea what exactly happens to you when you become ensnared in the quagmire of credit card debts? Read on to know the consequences of unpaid credit card bills in detail.

Note-Debtors who are struggling with excessive credit card debts can opt for credit card debt settlement and can help you to get out of debt to some extent.

The age of your debt does matter

Actually the outcome of unpaid credit card bills depends on several factors. First and foremost, the most crucial factor that determines what happens to unpaid credit card debt is how old your debt has become. With the passage of time, the unpaid bills get charged off or creditors sell them off to a collection agency. If you are presently receiving collection calls for some long lost unpaid dues, your first duty should be checking whether the accounts are in delinquent status or not. In order to avoid any damage to your credit score, make sure you credit report remains updated and all the delinquent accounts are removed from your credit report. In terms of your credit score, paying your charged off accounts wont help you much as the damage has already been done, but in the long run it will help you as it will improve your chances of getting new credit.

Credit report

The next question that immediately comes to mind is how long these missed payments will be there in your credit report. Actually after 7 long years from the date it is being recorded as charged-off to the credit bureau, it reaches its delinquent status. Remember once this period of inactivity ends, this delinquency would drift off your credit report. Nevertheless, a number of things can take place within these 7 long years.

Can the creditors sue you for unpaid credit card bills?

If your creditors or collection agency fails to recover the owed amount, they can sue you for that. However, if you can keep a track of when the statute of limitations runs out in your state, you can be saved from this impending danger. The statute of limitations refers to the time-frame within which your creditor, or the collection agency, can file a lawsuit against you to retrieve the debt amount. If you find out that you are still receiving collection calls after the statue of limitation passes out, you can immediately stop it by sending a written request to them.

In case you get sued by the creditors, make sure you reply to the court summons, attend the hearing in person and most importantly hire an experienced attorney to represent yourself. This is because if you miss the hearing date, the lenders will win the case by default judgment. In worst situations, if the creditor wins the case, as per the court order, you might have to face wage garnishment or lien placement on your assets or property. The creditors won’t be able to compel you to sell off your primary residence, but they can adversely affect your ability to sell the home off and once you manage to sell the home off the creditors will always have the first right to take their share, from the earnings.

Keep the aforementioned points in mind and next time going forward, try to pay the credit card bills right on time.

Pay Credit Debt Down-A Forgotten Goal

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Pay credit debt down, used to be four words of wisdom we would always hear from our grandparents or parents whenever offering us advice about our future. If we suddenly came into money, or even if we received a generous gift from someone, you could always count on that phone call telling you the importance of you to pay credit debt down if your going to have a secure future.

The 6 Common Credit Card Mistakes That People Often Commit

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The following is a guest post by Rebecca Lawrence Smith

In today’s world for many people, rampant usage of credit cards has become a way of life. Many of you now prefer to carry plastic money instead of liquid cash. Though some people use their credit cards wisely, it is also apparent that way to many use their credit cards foolishly. If you don’t pay enough attention when spending, you may find yourself falling into a grave debt situation. This will put a huge amount of financial, as well as mental stress on you. You may need to seek  professional credit card debt help in order to get out of this situation.  You may also opt for credit card consolidation or credit card debt settlement. It will be better if you don’t fall into credit card debt at all. Here are some common credit card mistakes that people commit way to often.

Debt Consolidation & Settlement Center

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Welcome to our Debt Consolidation & Settlement Center. We have carefully selected only the company’s  with the finest reputations in the industry. We based this on consumer satisfaction, their overall performance measured against their own peers, and of course, are they compliant with all the rules and regulations that govern the industry. They are all BBB A+  rated companies that guarantee results. As with everything we do here, we are always evaluating everybody on this site, as well as all company’s who have yet to make it here. We are not afraid to make changes, so please always give us your feedback.


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Are you looking for a company that has one of the largest teams of FTC compliant, licensed negotiators, attorneys, and CPAs that has been helping  individuals nationwide for over 10 years (this also includes businesses as well) ?

Would you like honest and caring help to decide if debt settlement, debt negotiation, consumer credit counseling, tax debt relief, loan modification, lender litigation, student loan default relief, business debt consolidation, or debt consolidation is the best choice for you?

If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place! Learn more about the services offered and get your free, no obligation consultation with a senior debt counselor.

Credit Repair Products

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Welcome to our Credit Repair Products Section. Here you will find our “DIY” credit repair products that our readers who prefer this type of method have had good success with.

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