Is Life Fantastic With Plastic?

August 1,2018 by Michael  
Filed under Living Debt & Credit Free

Ahh credit cards, the thing we love to hate the most.  Let’s face it though; there really is only 2 days a month that we really feel that way. I don’t believe I need a drum roll for this, do I?  We all know the days, when our favorite mail carrier drops off the bill, and when we put the stamp on the envelope and kiss our hard-earned money good bye.

For me personally, it wasn’t so much of the fact that it was time for me to pay for my purchases, as it was that I agreed to pay more then the asking purchase price and not by a little either. By the time interest rate is factored in, plus the length of time you actually pay it off, wow, that’s just flat out depressing (not to mention crazy and foolish). Having the usage of credit cards is not a bad thing, but most of us just need to use them more wisely.

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