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A brief  history on Lexington Law

Founded in 1991, Lexington Law was formed to help consumers take on their questionable credit legally and affordable. Lexington has since redefined the credit repair industry.

The FTC and Credit Repair  Fraud

Credit repair is legal, but some companies are not. Lexington Law provides the following fraud detection guidelines to help you steer clear of illegitimate credit repair companies.

Beware of credit repair services that request fees in advance.

Lexington does not charge you in advance for any legal services. It charges you only after the first-work, and the subsequent work from each month, have been performed.

Beware of credit repair services that advocate “new identities”.

It is unlawful to create a “new” identity by applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to replace one’s Social Security Number. File segregation is a serious crime that can result in fines or imprisonment.

Beware of credit repair services that don’t disclose your rights.

Consumers have the right to attempt credit repair on their own. Lexington offers its affordable legal services to those clients who prefer having legal professionals help them manage their credit disputes and creditor interventions.

Beware of credit repair firms that misrepresent their expertise.

Claims such as “25 years of experience” can be misleading. That number often represents the combined years of attorney experience, not the actual length of time that the firm has been practicing. By contrast, Lexington Law has been practicing credit report repair since 1991.

Beware of companies that imply FTC endorsement.

The FTC does not endorse any business. If a credit repair organization implies FTC endorsement, you would do well to proceed with caution.

What makes Lexington law the trusted leaders in the industry

While generally not boastful, Lexington Law does make one very bold claim: We are the “trusted leaders in credit repair.” As the saying goes, “it’s not bragging if you can back it up.” For over a decade, our firm has led the the credit repair industry. No other credit repair company or firm can match Lexington Law when it comes to sheer size, industry-leading technologies, or dedication to industry guideline adherence. More importantly, while other firms may try to copy our services, none have even come close to matching the effectiveness of our service.
What makes Lexington law the trusted leaders in the industry?
Since it’s inception in 1991, Lexington has led the charge to bring quality credit repair services to the average consumer.
  • Brought credit repair to an online audience in 1995.
  • Helmed technology to streamline processes and reduce costs so lawyer-backed consumer services could be more affordable.
  • Revolutionized the dispute process with online digital solutions, reducing the need for huge amounts of paper processing and mailing procedures.
  • Infused additional programs to increase the effectiveness of the credit report verification process that led to very impressive individual results.
  • Developed services to not only verify the accuracy of one’s credit report, but also to help maintain a healthy credit score.
  1. Number of clients served
  2. Lexington law firm has assisted more clients in their fight for fair credit than any other credit repair company or firm by a large margin.
    • In our 19 years of service, Lexington has helped over 1/2 million clients in their credit report repair efforts.
    • Each client served has presented a unique credit situation. Having addressed so many situations has given us ample opportunity to refine and improve our services. We’ve made use of these opportunities, and it shows in our results
    • Based on published information, more clients put their trust in Lexington Law each year than any other credit repair firm or company.

Folks, we really don’t need to go any further with this and Lexington Law.  Anyone familiar with this industry knows they are a true leader  and extremely respected company.

Just click on the link below and go check them out.

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