The 6 Common Credit Card Mistakes That People Often Commit

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The following is a guest post by Rebecca Lawrence Smith

In today’s world for many people, rampant usage of credit cards has become a way of life. Many of you now prefer to carry plastic money instead of liquid cash. Though some people use their credit cards wisely, it is also apparent that way to many use their credit cards foolishly. If you don’t pay enough attention when spending, you may find yourself falling into a grave debt situation. This will put a huge amount of financial, as well as mental stress on you. You may need to seek  professional credit card debt help in order to get out of this situation.  You may also opt for credit card consolidation or credit card debt settlement. It will be better if you don’t fall into credit card debt at all. Here are some common credit card mistakes that people commit way to often.

Keeping too many credit cards

One of the common financial blunders that people often commit is keeping too many credit cards. Holding too many cards is not a good sign. This may sometimes tempt you to use some of these cards for unnecessary purposes. If you fall deep into unsecured credit card debt, you may need to seek professional credit card debt help.

Don’t use credit cards for buying necessary items

You should have a realistic budget in place. It is foolish to purchase unnecessary items by using a credit card. If you are not able to pay off your credit card debt in time, then you will incur interest charges on that purchase. Ideally, credit cards should only be used for expenses of some foreseen emergencies

Ignoring your monthly statement

Take the credit card statement seriously. The statement shows you whether or not the charges on it are correct. This will not only help you pay keep accurate records, but will also help prevent you from paying more then you actually owe. Moreover, in this era of increasing identity theft, what you need to do is to check the statement thoroughly. And the sooner you do it, the better it is for you. Checking the credit card balance will also help you to know whether or not you have exceeded your credit limit.

Making late payments

Making late payments in your outstanding debts is indeed a very big financial mistake that you commit quite often. In this case, you not only have to make late payment charges, but it has serious negative implications too. It adversely affects your credit report and damages your FICO score badly. These in turn jeopardize your prospects of getting better terms for future loans.

Using credit cards for paying medical bills

Medical costs are huge in the country. If you indeed face difficulty in paying your medical bills, you can negotiate with the hospital whom you owe money. But it is recommended that you should not use credit cards to pay your medical bills. These types of charges can lead to credit card debt that you simply will not be able to get out from.

Taking out cash advances

This is a very costly thing that you frequently do with your credit cards. The fees associated with cash advances are very steep and the rate of interest is also very high. The cash advances should not be taken with your credit card, unless and until there is an absolute emergency.

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